Mini Gps Tracker
Micro GPS Tracker With SOS - Remote Talk & Listen - Dgitrends
Micro GPS Tracker With SOS - Remote Talk & Listen - Dgitrends
Micro GPS Tracker With SOS - Remote Talk & Listen - Dgitrends
Micro GPS Tracker With SOS - Remote Talk & Listen - Dgitrends
Micro GPS Tracker With SOS - Remote Talk & Listen - Dgitrends
Micro GPS Tracker With SOS - Remote Talk & Listen - Dgitrends
Moto GPS Tracker Talk/ Listen/ Record


Moto GPS Tracker Talk/ Listen/ Record

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Moto Mini 4 Way GPS Tracker

Moto Mini GPS Tracker With Remote Listening and geo-fence alerts. The perfect solution for keeping a watchful eye on your car person belongings loved ones and even pets.

Small enough to be placed anywhere. Features high-accuracy three satellite, WiFi and cellular network positioning for heightened accuracy. Listen remotely turn on/ off via the free for life app. Offers extended battery life and 30 day historical data lookback

Compatible with Android PC iOS and Mac systems

No Wiring | No Monthly Fees | Extended Battery Life | Real Time Location Tracking | Track For Up To 168 HRS Continuously | Mini size For Convenient Carrying & Concealing | Remote On/ Off Triggering For Extended Operation

Real Time GPS Tracking

Enhanced live tracking - Get alerts when perimeter breach happpens - multiple systems GPS/WIFI/LBS/AGP

Tracer Mini GPS Tracker With Remote Listen/ Talk & Record

Remote Talk/ Listen

Remotely trigger listening to capture audio
near the GPS tracker

Tracer Mini GPS Tracker With Remote Listen/ Talk & Record

No monthly server fees

No server fees. Route play back upto 3 months of tracking data

Mini GPS Tracker for no fee

No wiring required just place in a concealed area like under seats, in bags or anywhere secure. Create monitored perimeters and receive automatic notification of any perimeter breach.

Features live tracking plus look back on 30 day tracking data right from your cell phone. Can also be worn around the wrist, neck or attached to valuables.

*Requires SIM active card with active data for live transmission

what can i track

  • The GPS receiver can be worn around the wrist neck or carried in a pocket/ bag. Features two-way intercom are Ideal for aging parents who live alone.
  • Automobiles/ Fleet Vehicles/ Delivery Vehicles
    Track your children’s cars and even fleet tracking for Simply place the our real time GPS tracker wherever you want to start tracking no installation necessary!
  • Deliveries
    fits comfortably into pockets and can be carried by employees or added to deliveries for real-time delivery information.
  • Goods & Services
    Quickly identify locations and let customers know when service providers will arrive.
  • Track Equipment
    Place in tool boxes, or attach to rental equipment and receive alerts when they leave GEO Fenced designated areas.
  • Track Valuables
    Classic Cars, Motor Homes, Boats, Luggage, Travel bags, Video equipment. Track anything you’ve invested time and money in.


  • Magnetic Back For Easy Install
  • Uses Multiple GPS Satellites for positioning
  • Four Positioning Modes: GPS | AGPS | LBS | WIFI
  • Worldwide GSM+GPRS
  • 4-frequency System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 168+ hours running time
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Mini Tracker Size (30mmx50mmx15mm)
  • Built-in SOS call feature
  • No calibration needed (Updates Automatically)
  • Sim Card slot for SOS call feature
  • Track via PC/ Android/ IOS devices
  • Geo fence feature allows auto trigger if perimeter is breached
  • Playback up to 3 months of tracking data
  • Guardian triggered two way intercom allows guardian to listen in at surrounding
  • Remote Power Off/ On for optimal battery use
  • Works with Google Maps/ Biadu Maps


Model: Moto Mini GPS Locator

Recording range: 80 square meters

Positioning mode: GPS/WIFI/LBS/AGP

Memory support: SD card 32GB (not included with all models)

Support frequency: 2G~4G

Positioning time: 5/10/20 seconds

Battery: polymer (500mAh)

Standby time: 24-30 days, working time 7-15 days

Charging input: 5V voltage

Working temperature: -20-85℃ temperature

Functions: remote recording, voice control recording, high-definition GPS, WIFI, LBS and AGPS positioning, real-time tracking, historical track, electronic fence, remote switch, AAP, computer terminal message operation, SOS for help.

Product size: about 42*26*15 mm/1.65*1.02*0.59 inch

SIM card not included

Free Lifetime Access To Platform

Charging Time: 4 Hours | Standby Time: 25-30 Days

  • True GPS: Supports full-function positioning. Support WIFI positioning, LBS positioning, GPS positioning, AGPS positioning, intelligently select the mode according to the location environment, to achieve power saving and fast and accurate positioning. Both indoor and outdoor use Long battery life.
  • Geofence Protection Safety Reminder: Set a safe area. When the car enters or leaves the safe area, the mobile phone will receive a reminder here. You can track the car without opening the app.
  • High-definition Real-life Street Map:
  • High-definition real-life street map, allowing you to find the location of the Person/ item or vehicle faster and more accurately in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Voice-activation
  • No manual triggering is required
  • SOS One Button-emergency Help:
  • When elderly and children are lost and need help, they only need to press the SOS button for 3 seconds and release, and the host will actively call the preset number and ping their GPS location.

*No Platform Subscription Requiired | 4 hours to full charge | 28-35 days standby time/ 7-10 operating time

Applicable Uses:

Kids, Pets, Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Luggage

Android & iOS Compatible.

4 Way Multi Positioning Capability Moto GPS trackers utilize a three-way global positioning system. This advancement not only makes it accurate but makes it possible for the use it globally, whether you are here in the US or abroad, you'll be able to track just about any item you chooseRemote Talk/ ListenThe Moto GPS mini tracker device also comes equipped with a SOS button allowing the user to communicate directly if neededPing For Immediate LocationOne push of the end SOS button instantly sends a ping to the including companion app which is free to use for life.