Covid 19 Pandamic


Delivery during Covid 19 Virus Pandemic



Please note that carrier times it will range between 12-20

As of March 1st, 2020- delivery times may be impacted due to carrier delays


All orders processed within 24 to 48 hours


Order Confirmations

Order confirmations are sent within minutes of submitting your order and should be saved for your records.

Your item will ship from the nearest warehouse including non US locations depending on inventory. 


Additional notices during Covid 19 Virus Pandemic


*Updated 4/15/2022

Shipments may be arriving late due to supply chain disruptions brought on by mandatory manufacturing and warehouse closings. 

Shipments arriving between12-35 days


*Updated 6/15/2020


Please note that as a result of these delays, tracking numbers are at times reflecting no movement for longer than typical as processing is taking longer once shipments leave the warehouse.

If you have made it this far then you are likely experiencing the above-mentioned delays in which case, we ask that you be patient as your package has already shipped.

If you do leave an inquiry here and we find that your shipment and has not been shipped due to delays or back orders then we will promptly refund your purchase price to your method of payment.


Please take note of the following shipping status designations.

1. Shipment Processing

This is an indication that your shipment has been processed through our facility and is now with the courier for transit to final destination

2. Shipment Fulfilled

this designation is an indication that your order has been processed through our facility and is in the hands of our freight carrier.

* Additional steps under this designation

a. Item has been shipped and will be delivered to customs for processing.

b. Item will be released from customs for processing through USPS or local mailing authority. If your shipments final destination is in the US then The mailing authority will be the USPS unless in cases where shipments have been transferred to DHL or UPS.

c. Item has been processed through USPS or mailing authority processing center and is in route to local postal office for home delivery.

3. Shipment Delivered

Item has been left at your doorstep or within your mailbox.

Please note that as a result of increasing shipping cost stock will not be held locally and will be sent directly from one of our overseas warehouses.

Delivery times will vary depending on your item but most typically deliveries are made within 10 to 21 days.

Shipments which take longer than 21 days have in some way been delayed due to the covet outbreak and will be delivered as soon as humanly possible.

If you wish to submit a request for refund then kindly wait until you are in possession of your item as we are unable to cancel shipments or make refunds while shipments are in transit.

Once you're fitment is within your possession, contact us and we will issue authorization for your return or exchange.

If delivery exceeds 30 days and you would like request a discount then you may do so by reaching us at the following email address.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Best regards,

Digtrends Team