NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends
NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends
NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends
NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends
NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends
NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends
NFC Smart Ring - Dgitrends


NFC Smart Ring

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Stop unauthorized access of your phone, make calls open doors, make touch-less payments and more with your smart-ring


Now you no longer have to worry about unauthorized access, forgotten key fobs and more. 

Our revolutionary smart-ring technology makes phone security a cinch plus you can do everything from answering calls. make touch-less payments and even trigger apps remotely with your smart-ring!

  • Phone security made easy- Just set your phone to require touch access with your smart ring and there's no more unwanted access.

  • Busy hands are no problem- no need to reach for a credit card just wave your hand like a wand to make touch-less payments 

  • Answering calls- now you can answer calls without having to to physically hold your phone 

  • Forgotten Keys- Access elevators, security doors, garages or any other security card or key fob operated check

Designed with high hardness Liquid Tungsten, this material will ensure the smart ring will be both durable and fashionable. 

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems. It supports NFC function, wireless information sharing, phone unlocking, quick app launch and more.


  • Quick start Applications with just a touch
  • Share Notes, contacts, files and more
  • Unlock your phone with a single toch
  • Use your ring for touch-less speed payments
  • Replace key fobs and security keys 
  • Improve health & wellness with Germanium Volcanic stone

Size Chart:

Make touchless payments, replace key fobs, share files and secure your mobile phone with this smart ring


Inductive Charging:


Secure Notes So Only Other Ring Users Have Access