GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends
GPS Tracker For Bikes - Dgitrends


GPS Tracker For Bikes

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Bicycle GPS Tracker & Companion Bike Tracker App

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

    • Get Piece Of Mind
    • Recover Your Bicycle If It Gets Stolen
    • View Your Route History
    • Use It To Monitor Your Children
    • Indistinguishable once installed
    • Locate your bike with one click
    • Enures peace of mind
    • 30 days of live tracking from 1 charge
    • GPS/GSM GPRS Quad Real-time

The GPS tracker can also be used to record your favorite routes and timed runs on your favorite trails.

Recover Your Bike If This Happens

The GPS bike tracker cap is undetectable and cannot be distinguished from other standard bike caps.


Once installed, it resembles any standard neck assembly bolt. The brains of the GPS unit fits within the neck of your bike frame where it remains out of site and can be triggered if ever needed from the companion bike tracker app.  


Once activated, The hidden motion sensors, and GPS tracking technology enables you to track and locate your bicycle with the click of a button should it be stolen.

Recover Your Bike In The Event Of Theft | Record Your Favorite Trails | Keep Tabs On Your Child's Whereabouts

According To The National Bike Registry Over 1.5 Million Bicycles Are Stolen Each Year

If you like most bike enthusiast you've invested countess hours tuning and tricking out your ride not to mention having spent hundreds if not thousands to make it the perfect riding machine.


  • Quickly & Easily Recover Your Bike
  • Get Live Tracking For 30 Days With 1 Charge
  • Record Best Runs On Your Favorite Trails
  • Record your Favourite Routes
  • Keep The Good Times Rolling
  • Be Happy You Got This

GPS/GSM GPRS Quad Real-time Google Map GPS305 30 day Standby

Requires 2G SIM Card
Available Functions
  1. Auto track continuously * Track with limited times upon time * Smart track upon time and distance interval
  2. Location based service (LBS) /Cell-ID Locating
  3. Exact street address by SMS
  4. Arm/Disarm by SMS  
  5. Sleep by shock sensor
  6. Built in Acceleration Sensor Alarm
  7. Geo-fence
  8. Movement Alarm
  9. Over Speed Alarm
  10. Low Battery Alarm
  11. Forward the third parties' message
  12. SIM Card Balance Inquiry
  13. State checking
  14. IMEI checking
  15. Terminal(local)time setting
  16. TCP/UDP Switch
  17. Reset

Easy Install

Recover Your Stolen Bike With A GPS Tracker

All In One Kit

GPS Bike Tracker Kit Use Live GPS Tracking To LOcate Your Stolen Bike

Technical Details

GPS type: GPS Tracker
Voltage: 5V
Item Size: 7.9*5.0*2.4cm
Model Name: GPS305
Out Power: 0.2w
Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up
Special Feature: Remote Tracking
Voltage: 110-220

Real Time GPS Tracking

Stolen Bike Tracker App View Your Bikes Location In Real Time