DIY Gorilla Board Gripper - Dgitrends
DIY Gorilla Board Gripper - Dgitrends
DIY Gorilla Board Gripper - Dgitrends


DIY Gorilla Board Gripper

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No more strained low-backs wrist blown shoulders or hand injuries! 

Lifting large sheets of wood can be difficult for one person to do. The Gorilla Grip is a unique and efficient construction tool that enables one person to lift and carry sheet goods from one place to another. These goods can include plywood, drywall, tempered glass, granite, and particle board. The Gorilla Grip works by clamping onto the sheet, and then it creates a sturdy and durable handle for the person who will carry or move it.

It allows one person to move sheet goods, safely.

The Gorilla Grip makes it easy for one person to lift and move sheet goods, with the person’s safety in mind. The Gorilla Grip reduces strain on the back, neck, shoulders and arms while carrying sheet goods. Thus, it diminishes the risk of injury on said body parts.

It increases productivity.

The Gorilla Grip decreases the needed number of people to carry a sheet of plywood or drywall. It essentially increases each worker’s carrying capability, and his productivity. With the help of the Gorilla Grip, more work can be done in a given time!

No need to bend and lift.

We all know that bending over to get under the bottom of the sheet can be problematic, since it can cause a torqued back and result to aches and pains. Simply clamp the Gorilla Grip at the top of the sheet, and lift with a straight back.

It keeps your sheet materials secure.

The Gorilla Grip has rubber gripping pads in each of its plates. These pads protect the surfaces of the material that you are carrying from scratches or damages.

It is made of durable materials.

The Gorilla Grip is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is very rugged, durable, and literally indestructible.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, someone who works for a construction company, or the owner of a construction company, the Gorilla Grip is a sound and wise investment. Increase your productivity and decrease the risk of back injuries. Get one today!


  • Carry those sheets by yourself, safely and ergonomically.
  • It keeps your materials safe and secure.
  • It is durable and heavy-duty.
  • Eliminates bending down to lift those sheets.
  • Reduces risks of injuries and back pains.


Use on ladders stairs and more


Significantly reduces stress and potential injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, hands and fingers. A must for those handling large cumbersome boards and doors on a daily basis. It turns a 2 man job into a one man one single handed job.

Lightweight but incredibly strong aircraft aluminium with special rubber gripping pads. It allows you to lift and carry large sheet materials from the top without bending or lifting, using your back or wrists and fingers.

Lifting with the legs and a straight back is safer and faster way to move heavy materials.

Carry large boards with ease!