What Is A Universal Heads Up Display (HUD)

Universal Car Heads Up Display Projector

Heads-up displays save lives so why should only those who can afford $60,000+ cars be the ones to benefit.


If you're like many Americans then a $60,000 car is just way out of budget. Unfortunately for those of us who can't afford a $60,000 car, the technology is usually available to those who can pay top dollar before trickling down into lower tier vehicles.


This means that like many of us who rely on our phone for navigation, you are at risk every time you glanced away from the road to view your next set of turn instructions.


So, what's the alternative to this life-saving technology and how do you gain access without having to spend $60,000 on a vehicle?


Well, luckily for you and I, the technology has not totally escaped us. This is due to a number of companies who recognized the need for heads up displays regardless of your financial worth.


Now you can have your very own heads up display regardless of your financial status.

 Heads Up Display With Translucent Viewing Screen


The solution has really become quite easy with the advent of aftermarket Universal heads-up displays. These aftermarket HUD/s are designed to capitalize on your phone's existing technology by reflecting your navigation details including speed direction and distance to next turn instructions on a translucent screen which allows you to view the road and instructions simultaneously combined with a non-slip mounting station designed to accommodate 99% of all mobile phones.

If you are interested in this alternative, then there are aftermarket solutions available to you. One such solution can be found below.


A universal heads up display which reflects your phones navigation instructions on to a translucent screen which can be positioned conveniently anywhere on your dashboard.

 Heads Up Display Night View

This solution will require you to download a heads-up display app of which there are many free versions which could be found on the Google Play store or Apple app Store.


These apps are simple to operate and work similarly to Google Maps, requiring you to input your destination and simply press start. 


Once you've entered your destination then it's business as usual. The app automatically begins to project the route details in a visibly distinguishable format allowing you to easily identify your speed your distance to next set of turn instructions as well as road conditions ahead of you.


If you're interested in getting your very own heads up display venue can find additional product details here.

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