iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case Green
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case Black
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case Blue
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case Black
iPhone Double Sided Tempered Glass Magnetic Case Black


iPhone Double Glass Magnetic Case MagneCase 360™

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Bend Resistant Aluminum Frame Plus 360° Front & Back 9HD Glass Coverage

MagneCase 360 features a full-body Aluminum frame which won't bend | Your phone is fully protected unlike lesser models | Your MagneCase 360 phone case will never interfere with your phones sensitive signal

Why Choose MagneCase 360™

Mag360° cases are engineered from aviation grade aluminum for strength and utility. Each case is laser carved and offers superior accuracy for a glove like fit. The aviation grade aluminum body resist bending and will keep your device safe after multiple drops.

Mag360 cases seamlessly integrate with your iPhone offering premium protection from drops and scrapes while preserving it's natural aesthetic

Protects corners and edges where your iPhone is most vulnerable plus never causes signal loss.  

The Ultimate Protection For Your iPhone

Three Stage Protection

iPhone Shockproof Case Three Stage Protection

Three Stage Protection

Elegant Design

iPhone Glass Magnetic Case

Easy Phone Access | Built-In Camera Lense Protection | Eco-Friendly | Zero Signal Loss | Wireless Charging

Double Sided 360° Protection

iPhone Glass Magnetic Case

9HD Scratch Resistance

iPhone 9HD Tempered Glass Back

MagneCase 360 Is Compatible With iPhone Models

iPhone XS / iPhone XS MAX / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone X / iPhone XR / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus

360 degree full body protection | Bend resistant Aluminum frame | 9HD scratch resistant cover | Seamless integrated design | Supports Wireless Charging


Magnetic phone absorption case Q&A

What is a magnetic absorption phone case?

​A magnetic absorption phone case is generally a multi-layer phone case featuring a magnetic closure along with two to three layers of protection.

  • The first layer of protection is the Aluminum frame to which impact resistant glass​​ is bonded.
  • ​The second layer of protection is an​ inner layer of shock absorbing silicone or carbon material along the ​inner edge of the case​. ​
  • A premium case will likely feature a double layer of impact resistant glass on the front and back as well as the shock absorbing inner liner.

Most magnetic absorption cases generally feature a single layer of glass which is bonded to an aluminum frame with higher grade models featuring a double layer of impact resistant glass on the front and back sides.

The frames can be made from a variety of materials including plastic with premium models featuring an aluminum body.

What is the function of a magnetic absorption phone case?

A magnetic phone absorption case is designed to allow the user to display their mobile phones natural aesthetic while allowing easy access to their mobile devices.

Will the magnetic closure affect the operation of my phone?

Magnetic phone absorption cases particularly those featuring double glass, generally have no impact on the performance of your mobile device.

This is especially true with premium models which feature open frame designs with careful consideration for the placement of your phone's receiving and transmitting antenna.

MagneCase designs feature a laser carved aluminum frame with precision cuts-outs designed to wrap around your phone and still allow easy access to your mobile devices ports while protecting it from bumps scrapes and occasional drops.



Compatible With: iPhone

Design: Transparent

Features: Water-resistant



Heavy Duty Protection

Shock Adsorption

Item: Magnetic Metallic Bumper Privacy Case For iPhone

Color: Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Purple, Black and Blue, Red and Black...

Type: Magnetic Phone Case

Material: Aluminum Bumper + Double Sided Tempered Glass

Magnetic Adsorption Metal Phone Case

Magnetic Case Cover For iPhone

360 Degree Full Protection

Double Sided Tempered Glass Full Cover Case

Clear Signal: Support

Wireless Charging: Yes

No More Prying Open Your Phone Case To Remove Dirt & Dust Opens Easily For Quick Cleaning Sim Card Changes & More

Magnecase 360™ offers maximum protection in an elegant full body frame designed to showcase your iPhone

Raised camera rail | 9HD screen protection | 360° protection | Bend resistant frame | Shock proof silicone layer | Explosionproof backplate | Wireless charging | Shockproof


Grade A Aluminum for Max protection and silicon for comfort and improved access to all functions.

Get full 360 degree protection for your iPhone with the Magnecase 360™ magnetic flip case for Apple iPhones.

Looks great plus protects your iPhone against accidental drops, bending, bumps, unwanted marks and scratches.

Shock Absorption | Anti-knock | Dirt-resistant | Wireless Charging | Scratch Resistant

Transparent | Exotic | 9HD Tempered Glass | Aluminum Frame

Shockproof Bumper

iPhone Glass Magnetic Case

What's Included:
1 x Magnecase 360™ iPhone Case